We take Broodmares for foaling, temporary boarding during the season and also have a number of permanent boarding Mares. Our facilities include; two large foaling barns with CCTV linked to the stud house, 12 straw turnout barns and small paddocks for Mares and newly-born foals before being turned out together.

We have a rubber floored non-slip veterinary examination room, which is very safe for examining mares in the stocks, with lots of room for young foals to stand with their mothers. See our rehabilitation page for more details about Equine care at North Farm Stud.

We have our own large horsebox to walk mares into stallions at other studs.

Resident teasers

Putra Sas teaser stallion picture

PUTRA SAS – 16hh 2001 bay stallion

Download full pedigree in pdf format (126 kb)

Putra has covered mares in the past here but is now used as a teaser and has the most wonderful temperament. He retired here from racing in June 2006 nand has been here ever since and is worth his weight in gold during the breeding season.  He lives full time with a 30 year old gelding called Saseedo, who is a HEROS club horse.  They get on famously and thus the reason Putra has such a happy and easy life.

Inchando Teaser stallion

Inchando – 15.3hh 2004 chestnut stallion

 Inchando arrived at North Farm stud from the RSPCA in September 2018.  He was part of a “case” and came in very poor and very wound up.  We decided to keep him, after discussion with  RSPCA as he has turned into the kindness and chilled animal.  He lives with Rocket, another RSPCA cob and is extremely happy.  He helps Putra out during the teasing season and is very laid back about the whole job.

Both stallions would be the envy of any studs around as they are able to be used by anyone, even the more experienced students who are doing the breeding modules.  We consider this to be because of the way horses are treated at North Farm Stud and the normal lives they lead.