Welcome to North Farm Stud - Three Generations of Thoroughbred Experience

North Farm Stud is owned and managed by the Muir family whose experience with Thoroughbred horses spans three generations. The Stud specialises in first class care, tailored to the individual needs of each horse, whether for convalescent nursing care and rehabilitation, livery, broodmare boarding and foaling, sales preparation or breaking and pre-training regimes.

We have an outstanding reputation in all areas of horse management

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North Farm Stud News
  • North Farm Stud - Young Equine Course

    At North Farm Stud we believe it's important to learn best Practice in horse management as soon as possible. As part of our new education scheme we are launching the ClipClop Club for younger enthusiasts to learn all aspects of horse management at the Stud.

  • Grace's Guide - Re-training your ex-racehorse

    There are no common problems, as people would like to believe, in retraining ex-racehorses - They are all individuals. What might pose a difficult situation for one, another will waltz through. Your ex-racehorse needs to be given time to relax and get use to new surroundings and routine gradually. All horses enjoy routine, keeping to one that suits you both is a huge benefit.

  • HEROS charity proves there is a future for horses after racing

    Nobody knows for sure what implications the credit crunch will have for thoroughbreds, from the highest-level yearling sales down to the four centres for rehoming ex-racehorses which might, during times of belt-tightening, expect a glut of unwanted racehorses.

  • Grace's Guide - NO FOOT, NO HORSE

    Most of the lameness I see has little to do with conformation and everything to do with how the horse's feet have been managed. Indeed, I can honestly say that most lameness is attributable to poor feet balance; to flat feet; feet with no heel support which puts extreme pressure on the tendons, and to feet which are too long causing heels to collapse.

  • Holidays at North Farm Stud

    If you are looking for something a bit different how about a holiday at Swallow's Nest at North Farm stud - Home of HEROS? Holidays can be tailored to your individual needs and you can bring your own horse or borrow ours - visit www.swallowsnest.biz

  • Independent Concerns Explained

    North Farm Stud has been steeped in the breeding, care and management of thoroughbreds for 84 year - a way of life for the Muir family. When Grace Muir succeeded her father, Ian, as Stud Manager, HEROS was conceived, born and raised alongside.

Our Facilities

horse walker oxfordshire & berkshire

North Farm Stud has superb facilities to cater to your horses needs, including:

  • 96 good sized stables
  • Veterinary boxes with drip attachments and heat lamps
  • 12 turnout sheds of varying sizes
  • 2 isolation yards
  • 3 horsewalkers
  • Lunging and Breaking Shed
  • Extensive range of paddocks in varying sizes
  • Individual turnout for colts and other horses
  • Outdoor floodlit school 
  • CCTV in stables and sheds
  • Laser Therapy, Equissage etc
  • Own horse transport

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Post Op Care


Specialists in Post-Operative & Convalescent Nursing care:

  • Care regimes are tailored to suit each individual horse
  • Fully trained staff
  • Approved by all local major veterinary practices
  • Remedial farrier visits
  • Weekly visits by McTimoney Practioner & Remedial Masseur
  • Laser, Equissage Niagara Vibration Pad + Leg Boot, Ultrasound machine.
  • Veterinary boxes with drips and heat lamps for sick horses
  • Solarium

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breaking horses wantage & lambourn 

North Farm Stud specialises in breaking and schooling of yearlings, store horses and older horses. 

  • Professional and expert team
  • Experienced riders
  • Large covered breaking arena
  • Full-sized floodlit outdoor school
  • Lunging shed and outdoor school have Martin Collins surface

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We take Broodmares for foaling, temporary boarding to walk in to stallions and also have permanent boarding Mares.

  • Large foaling barns with CCTV cameras
  • Small, adjacent paddocks for mares and newly born foals
  • On-site Teaser - Also available for covering. 100% fertility rate.
  • Experienced foaling staff

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Horses for sale

Visit our Horses for sale page where we have ex-racehorses and non-thoroughbreds for sale. The stud is home to HEROS Charity.
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Life after racing

Not all racehorses are champions but each one of them has the potential for a new life after racing. They are all winners to HEROS as they move on "...to pastures new."

HEROS (Homing Ex-Racehorses Organisation Scheme) is a charity based at North Farm Stud dedicated to retraining and rehoming ex-racehorses.

For more information please visit
the HEROS Charity website

Swallow's Nest

Visit Swallow's Nest for more information about our education, business and holiday packages.